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asked questions

Where is the filter installed?

We can install it wherever you’d like. For most homeowners we put it under the kitchen sink and add a seperate spout for filtered water.

I have a water cooler in my office, but there's no plumbing nearby. I guess I have to keep buying jugs, right?

Not necessarily! Our technicians are great at getting water where it needs to go. We’ll take a look at your space and discuss your options.

How often do I need to replace the filter cartridge?

Our filter cartridges need replacing after an average of 1,000 gallons. That’s fewer replacements than virtually every other filter on the market

How do I know when to replace the filter cartridge

We’ll send you a text to remind you. It’ll include a web link where you can reorder a cartridge or schedule a service appointment.

Do the filters reduce fluoride in the water?

Only the Ultimate Pure ‘n Clear reduces fluoride in the water.

How long will you support my system?

As long as you have an Aqua Filter Plus system installed, you are an Aqua Filter Plus customer. We stand by our products and will provide support for you as long as you need it. For specific information about servicing, see our purchase plans

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