All the benefits of bottled water.
Straight from your tap.

Taste the Difference

An Aqua Filter Plus filter is like having bottled water on tap. Great tasting water, directly from your faucet.

When you have Aqua Filter Plus technologies working for you under your sink, you won’t just have a “filter”. Your water will be transformed to a level comparable to spring water. It will give your water the crisp taste you thought only bottled could achieve. Delicious and refreshing!

Don’t believe us? Try it out for 90-days. If you don’t think your water tastes better with our filter, we will uninstall the system and give you your money back.

Custom Water Filtering Technology

Our filtering technology is what makes the water taste so good. A combination ofprocesses remove impurities that foul up the taste of your tap, all while protecting your health by removing chemicals and bacteria that can cause disease.

Our filters use custom designed components that we pack with a variety of technologies to take care of a broad range of contaminants. We put the filters through a special process that enables them to capture a higher percentage of contaminants than standard filters. This ensures a deeper cleanse of your water with more purity and better taste. It’s also why the cartridges need fewer replacements than other systems.

Our top filtering system, the Ultimate Pure ‘n Clear, is the best filtering your home could need. It has a 5-stage filtering system that will remove nearly anything from your tap that isn’t water. It cleans your water to a similar degree as distillation. Using its reverse osmosis membrane and proprietary carbon cartridges, it boasts the best purification on the market. Plus, its remineralization element adds essential minerals back into your water, giving it a crisp taste that is better than what any bottled water can offer.

Designer Home Packages

High purification technologies come in high class packages! Your clean water will fit right into your designer kitchen with our wide range of faucet styles. Check out your options here.

Cost Benefit

Calculate how much you spend per year on water bottles.






per day

  x 365 =

days per





This does not include the bottle deposits from some states!

Even water jugs add up! $45 per month x 12 months = $540 per year.

Not to mention the headache of managing water delivery and the hassle of empty water jugs!*

*We do admit that empty water jugs make great bongos in a pinch!!

Even water jugs add up! $45 per month x 12 months = $540 per year.

Not to mention the headache of managing water delivery and the hassle of empty water jugs!*

*We do admit that empty water jugs make great bongos in a pinch!!

If you’re a business, the costs add up even more. How much company time is wasted by employees arguing over who has to replace empty water jugs?

Our advanced filtration system needs far fewer cartridge replacements than most other water filter—usually just once per year. You stand to save hundreds of dollars every year by replacing your bottled water with an Aqua Filter Plus filtration system.

Business Friendly Options

Our systems come with many options and packages to fit the needs of your home or business. From bottle-less water coolers to instant-hot spouts, you will experience your delicious water the way you like it!



Before installing your filter, I thought that no filter could beat the good taste of a certain spring water company. After tasting the water from your filter, I changed my mind. Your water beats it!

Y. Shereshevsky, NJ


My wife is very sensitive to tap water. She immediately gets allergic reactions from any slight impurity in the water. We tried many brands, and your water filter is definitely superior!

A. B., NJ


The best investment I put into my house was your water filter! I don’t bother buying bottled water, because your water tastes so much better!

Mrs. J., NJ


Everyone here at the office loves the fact that there are no bottles to change, and they all say that the water definitely tastes better than the water bottles we had until now.

Aaron K., Helping Hands Behavioral Health, Galloway, NJ

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Health Benefits

Water impurities do more than ruin the taste of your tap water; they are potentially hazardous as well.

Tap water in the United States is usually safe. Usually.

However, all too often, contaminants do enter the water supply and many families don’t find out until it’s too late. Flint, Michigan is a famous example, but similar stories happen all the time. Even in New Jersey, where the water supply of Toms River has been damaged since the 1990’s and has been linked to a cluster of cancer cases in the area.

Potential hazards in drinking water

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the safety of United States water supplies. The EPA requires daily testing of municipal water sources to make sure that the water coming through your tap is safe for human consumption (if you’ve ever seen a metal box on the street called “Water Testing Station” this is what they’re for!).

The EPA has established what is known as maximum contaminant level goals (MCLG) which specify how much of specific contaminants can be in a water supply until they are considered harmful. Unfortunately, it’s common for the contaminant levels in a municipal water supply to exceed these goals set by the EPA.

The goals are just that—goals. They are not enforceable, and sometimes even impossible to reach. Most municipalities do a good job in treating the water that comes into your home. But your water can still contain dangerous chemicals.


Cryptosporidium, giardia lamblia, and enteric viruses are microorganisms that can cause gastrointestinal illnesses and that come from human and animal fecal waste particles. Legionella is a contaminant that can cause Legionanaire’s Disease, which is a type of pneumonia. Legionella is found naturally in water. 

Disinfection byproducts

The byproducts of water disinfection can make it through the tap and into your drinking glass. These include bromate, chlorite, haloacetic acids, and trihalomethanes. Potential health effects from exposure to these byproducts include an increased risk of certain cancers and problems of the liver, central nervous system, and kidneys. 

Water additives that are used to control microbes

These may include chloramines, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide. Potential health effects from exposure to these disinfectants in tap water include anemia, nervous system effects, stomach discomfort, and irritation of the eyes and nose. If your tap smells like pool water, it is likely a result of these contaminants. 

Inorganic chemicals

Discharge from petroleum refineries, erosion of the soil, runoff from production facilities, discharge of drilling waste, and other sources of contamination can leave behind arsenic, asbestos, barium, cadmium, copper, cyanide, lead, mercury, nitrate, lindane, vinyl chloride and dozens of other inorganic compounds in municipal water supplies. These compounds can cause everything from cancer to nervous system disorders and problems with the kidneys and liver, among other ailments. Chemicals like zinc and lead can also be caused by erosion of the piping that delivers your water. This is what causes water to have a metallic taste. 


Erosion of natural deposits can bring along radionuclide contaminants like uranium and radium, both of which have been linked to an increased risk of cancer. Uranium can also cause kidney toxicity.